Imaging for Clinical Trials Project

The treatment of cancer promises to undergo a revolution, wherein, very specific measurements or biomarkers will be used to identify and tailor the best treatment or combination of treatments for each individual patient. With effective biomarkers, each cancer patient would have a course of therapy that maximizes their cancer control and manages unnecessary toxicity. A major impediment to the successful deployment of this ‘personalized cancer medicine’ approach is our inability to measure these potential biomarkers with a high degree of precision and accuracy. While the impact of imprecision in these measurements is obviously negative for high quality cancer care, it also prevents the scientific community from learning which measures can be validated as true, stable biomarkers. This project seeks to establish a program of research and operations that facilitates the development and, ultimately deployment, of image-based biomarkers for personalized cancer medicine.



Lead Investigator

Dr. David Jaffray

  • University Health Network