Pathology Validation Project

The pathology validation project is carried out under the Imaging Translation Program (ITP) as a joint project between the OICR and the Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CImTeC). CImTeC serves as the host institution for the ITP and will help to bring many of the developments in this project to commercial fruition. The goals of the Pathology Validation Project are to provide a means for validating novel in vivo imaging tools developed under the Smarter Imaging Program (SIP), to improve the accuracy and capabilities of pathology by improving spatial sampling and making it more quantitative and objective, and to facilitate the quantitative use of biomarkers for informing diagnostic and management decisions in cancer. Our planned activities are an extension of the initial infrastructure and capability that we have built over the past four years, and in part will support the activities of the Smarter Imaging Program in probe development and development of imaging techniques for specific cancer sites. ITP-Pathology will also work closely with researchers across the OICR programs to help solve problems that require quantitative pathology and biomarker information, by developing new techniques or adapting and refining existing ones to the research need.

Lead Investigator

Dr. Martin Yaffe

  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre