Commission a Suite of Defined Imaging Procedures and Corresponding Accreditation Tests for Use in Clinical Trials

This aim operates in a fashion similar to the Core Labs of ACRIN or the working groups of the QIN. A team of clinicians, physicists, and engineers work under the direction of the lead investigator (imaging component) of the clinical trial to develop the consensus for the image acquisition and analysis method to be employed. A particular focus will be on the establishment of an absolute calibration for modalities that are amenable (e.g. PET, CT). In addition to testing the imaging instrumentation, additional tests of the quality of the imaging agents will also be offered through collaboration with the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC) in Hamilton. This approach will allow PET or SPECT-based imaging studies to be performed with confirmation of imaging agent quality across multiple providers. Subsequent to the commissioning activity, an accreditation and training procedure will be established to enable an institution to participate in the specified clinical trial. If an existing methodology exists within the existing ITP-TRIALS methodologies, every effort will be made to keep the trial in conformance with the existing method unless there is a strong scientific argument that can be made otherwise.