Developing a Pipeline for the Correlation of 3D in vivo Imaging to Histopathology

Traditionally, histology is used as the gold standard for the assessment of therapeutic response, but this can only be carried out after surgery, by which time it is too late to modify the management of the patient prior to surgery. Recently, there has been recognition that tumours have widely varying responses to therapy depending on their phenotype, and this has prompted a move towards individualised therapy where the choice of treatment is tailored to an individual patient. Ideally, imaging modalities should be able to provide rapid and accurate information to guide the clinician or surgeon in choice of therapy and also to determine whether a tumour is responding to a particular therapy. Extensive research is underway in Ontario into new imaging biomarkers that can improve the utility of information extracted from images. One factor that these studies have in common is the need to correlate histology with in vivo imaging to validate (or in some cases to develop) these new imaging biomarkers.