Image-Guided Robotic System for Pre-Clinical Interventions

Clinical medical robotics is a mature field. Early in the last decade, dozens of clinical robotic systems already existed to complete a wide range of interventional applications. Today, use of medical robotics is increasingly becoming part of the routine. However, very few robotic systems have been developed for preclinical interventions. We propose to extend our developments for use in clinical mechatronic/robotic interventions to the use in preclinical research. Specifically, our goal is to develop a micro-CT-guided small animal robotic needle positioning system with six degrees of freedom. The robotic system implements a spherical linkage design, which is a miniaturization of previous clinical systems used for prostate and breast biopsy designed to create a Remote Centre of Motion (RCM). The system will be designed and built with a targeting error less than 0.2 mm. This system may be used for biopsy of rodents used for validation of new imaging probes being developed in the Smarter Imaging Program, as well as basic science experiments that require accurate guidance of a needle to a target site in a rodent.