Investigator Sponsored Research Projects (ISRP) Program: Driving the Translation and Commercialization of New MI Probes

The OICR is making major investments (nearly $20M) in the creation of new imaging probes and technologies across a range of modalities (PET, MRI, etc.). To ensure there is a mechanism to translate those agents, and other MI probes arising from Canadian academic institutions, the CPDC created the ISRP program. The ISRP provides researchers with access to services they cannot get through traditional funding, but which are required to get their agents into the clinic and commercialized. These include regulatory affairs, product development expertise, quality assurance and control plans, commercialization advice, and technical assessment and refinement. The aim of the ISRP program is to support the advancement of one to two new probes developed in Ontario each year, and to be a key driver of clinical testing and commercialization. The ultimate goal by the end of the funding term is to get at least two novel probes discovered with OICR funding into clinical trials and either licensed to commercial partners or used as the basis for launching new companies.