Nationalizing and Internationalizing Ontario MI Probe Know-How.

The recent global economic crisis has shown that the world has moved from isolated financial policies to a more universal approach to economics. In contrast, in the probe development/molecular imaging field, the preponderance of translational activities is still done province-by-province or country-by-country where agents are evaluated at single institutions or small clusters of centres within a region. The international Cancer Genome Consortium ( has shown the value of working beyond existing borders, where funding can be leveraged, costs per study reduced, and the scope and impacts of projects expanded. The MI field could reap similar benefits by developing comparable national and international partnerships. The aim of this initiative is to enable Ontario to be part of “borderless” MI probe research and trials networks. The CPDC will drive the creation of Provincial, National and International MI probe/molecular imaging translation networks by leveraging our quality, production and regulatory programs and culture of collaboration.