Translational and Commercialization Benefits


Medical and Scientific Focus

Translational Benefits

Commercialization Benefits

Imaging Probe Translation

Develop project with: improved imaging probe discovery; in vitro screening program; and enhanced throughput in vivo screening to accelerate discovery and validation of novel cancer imaging biomarkers for preclinical and clinical applications.

Discovery of more sensitive and specific novel cancer imaging biomarkers for single and multi-modality imaging (CT, PET, SPECT, MR/S, US) that improve earlier detection and diagnosis, and ultimately, improved long term cancer-free survival.


Medical Imaging Instrumentation and Software

Develop open source image viewing processing projects to integrate and analyze images from different modalities. Develop 3D multi-modality needle guidance tools allowing biopsy of tissues identified with novel imaging probes

Open source software enables implementation in research and hospital setting. Improved prostate biopsy planning. Improved intra-procedural 3D transrectal ultrasound prostate biopsy guidance. Improved biopsy and repeat biopsy accuracy to 2mm in humans.

The 3D acquisition, reconstruction and segmentation modules have been patented. Patents have been filed describing the trans-perineal biopsy and therapy approach.

Pathology Validation

Whole-mount 3D techniques for pathological assessment using histopathology and molecular pathology approaches. Image registration and analysis tools.

Improved methods of evaluation of pathological response to treatment. Assessment of markers. Imaging/pathology correlation, validation of new in vivo imaging methods

Software tools (registration, calibration, display, analysis), tissue processing tools and procedures

Imaging for Clinical Trials


Develop novel tools for clinical trial imaging including an image viewing project compatible with clinical radiology project, validated plug-ins and accreditation.

Image acquisition and analysis, and standardized reports for quantitative measurements that meet clinical trials requirements for existing endpoints (i.e., RECIST).

Image analysis software for the measurement and quantification of novel imaging biomarkers of tumour response to therapy.

Establish a clinical trial imaging research network engaged in the application of imaging innovations to clinical trial applications.

Network enables uniformity of image viewing and analysis tools to measure novel biomarkers of tumour response suitable for use in clinical trials. Development of a tumour image bank as a resource.